Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally A Home for My Pictures!

    If your the type of person that can amass gigabytes upon gigabytes of photos, then you know how easy it is to misplace that great photo you  REALLY  need to upload to Facebook. But if you're like the average person and you don't want to search using windows Explorer, then Google's Picasa 3 is the answer to your prayers. Picasa 3 is another free app and works as  an all-in-one monitoring service for your photo folders. It offers just enough editing functionality to get the job done and tons of options for Internet-related tasks. For all of us that need our pictures automatically uploaded to the web, Picasa 3 has that feature as well as many other useful functions. Just another cool App to make your computer journey fun.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Malware Stole my Internet

     Just last week after my computer took a "BIG" hit from the flu, my internet connection failed to show me the wonders of the world wide web and now you need some computer help. So my first blog is going out to all those valiant malware hunters who corralled that bug but cant seem to find your internet alive. Well I might have a solution on hand to quench your worries. First, for Vista users go to Control panel -> network and Internet -> Internet Options -> connections -> Lan Settings,  then uncheck the box marked "use a proxy server for your LAN"(Make sure under proxy settings that both boxes are unchecked) -> click ok. Its the same process For XP users minus the network and Internet step. I hope this helps out a few of my fellow Mom and Dads out there.
Until next time don't worry Computer dad is here!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What makes your Computer tic?

       I know there are a few people out there who really, really, need to know every aspect of the inner workings of your Pc. I found a small app called Belarc Advisor .  This app searches your computer and finds out hardware(such as memeory and hard drive space) , manufactured-on date, model number and current firmware. Then it views your installed software, such as microsoft hot fixes, updates and lets you know what updates are missing on your pc. So if you do a little computer repair work on the side or just curious about what makes your computer tic, there's only one app for the job: Belarc Advisor

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another cool Application

     Have you noticed sometimes when your trying to do work, play games, or just surf the net and your computer slows down to a crawl. Most of the time it might be a virus at work, but sometimes it might be plain clutter. Its kind of hard to find where the clutter is, so you need some help finding it. So I found a free app just for this occasion and it is called Windirstat for your computer service needs.This cool application will come in handy when you are searching for that elusive hard drive Clutter Bandit. When you run Windirstat you will see these pacman type icons chewing thru your c drive or any other partition you need to search. Once finished.... Wala! your clutter is revealed and all your files will show how much space  each gobbles up. Very handy App to clean out your Hard drive. You can find Windirstat at
Thanx for Reading!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Money...Oh And A cool Application

     Lately, times have been tough for so many people trying to make ends meat and make a few extra dollars here and there(especially with Christmas around the corner). Yeah, I said it!!(as my wife cringes as the words seep out).  My goal this week was to try and find something that might help out a little bit. I found a site that pays you to do surveys, completing offers and also shopping if that is your thing.  It starts off by giving you $2 and you go from there, (Its not alot by any means but its something.)..It is FREE to sign up and its something  I thought people might check out. Here is the link

   Onto my computer App of the week. This Cool app named CCleaner(yes that is  two Cs'), everyone should have before they start down the computer repair path is and you can find it free at . This App cleans out all the junk that accumulates , temp files, cookies, history, temp internet files and so on. It also has a registry cleaner and a program uninstaller, all in one Application.  This is the first program I install and use before I start the computer repair process.   I hope this makes for a Cleaner PC.
Thank you for checking out my latest blog